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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I cannot figure out how to use paragraps. Please if anyone knows and can help me, well please help me. Actually just any tips on how I can make my blog better and how I can spruce it up. Now all random concerns or tips/ideas can go in here, and thanks in advance.

I figured there was so much that I would break it up into two posts, so I left off with Friday night coming to a close. Well Saturday morning came and I got up and relaxed in the house enjoying my weekend, then around 2:00 pm Andrew came over and I started to get my soccer stuff and everything for the BBQ ready. I finished up packing and Andrew and I got on our way, I had to make a few stops on the way there and one stop was the mall. When at the mall I found a good flower shop so Andrew could help me pick out a good bouquet of flowers for Dana, we ended up settling on this great bouquet which I got. When walking back across the mall I was quite pleased because I had gotten some great flowers which I could tell because of the number of random girls that said some quiet comment to their friend that I could still hear. Just before leaving the mall Andrew and I stopped at Blenz to visit a friend who was working and we had not seen in a while. The drive was a little long but we got there and were able to keep entertained with some good music. When we got there I gave the flowers to a grateful Dana, and I received a warm hug. Dana had a few things for Andrew and I to do before the BBQ, so we ended up moving her grand piano which was quite heavy but we didn't move it far. A few more small things needed setting up and all that, then some more people came and started to make cookies. While some were making cookies I was hanging out with some of the cool people who had come early, but then I had to run to my soccer game. Our coach was at a wedding that day so he was going to miss the start of the game but he gave Mike a starting lineup, which to my surprise I was on. I played the entire game on right defense and shut down that side, but our forwards were unable to beat their goalie and we ended up loosing 2-0. Since the BBQ was still going on and Andrew needed a ride home I got back in the car and drove back out. When I arrived there was a whole lot more people and one of them waved to me when I came in and that confused me, some were playing twister and the rest were just hanging out. I got introduced to all the new faces and they were all great people, then I was able to hangout for the rest of the night until everyone left then Andrew and I headed out. Sunday I did nothing, and if I did do something I can't remember it. Monday came and I had soccer practice but at work I had been looking into cell phones that day. Soccer practice was good and we worked hard on some shooting drills and passing because we needed to, also ball control was a main focus. Tuesday I had a long day at work of ten hours and got picked up by Paul at the end, I got home and since it was my free night I hung out on the computer and listened to the canucks game. It was good to hear Luongo settling in nicely, but it seemed like the rest of the team had horrible puck luck and that was it for Tuesday. This morning I drove to work and plan to work late again and maybe take Friday off, I have been listening to the radio on the mp3 player I brought to work so that has made it nice. Tonight I have some ballroom dance lessons starting that I am taking with a friend, it is only a six week sampler course from what I understand. After that I am going to improv and that should be awesome as always. For all you reading this, have a great day and check back in a few days for some new posts.

Ok, so my brother told me to try using paragraphs. This post should be a little more structured, but it should still be good. Last time I posted I really left tons up in the air and now I feel obligated to fill you in on some details if anyone even bothers to read this stuff. When I went down to Metro Town after work I was riding the bus on Lougheed Hwy turning onto Brunette Ave. This task would normally take a fair bit of time with the heavy traffic, but on this particular day it was really slow. It took the bus about 15 minutes to get from Ikea to the light, then once we got the turn signal the bus turned and was sitting in the intersection waiting for traffic to move and free up space. The traffic did not move, and the lights changed so we have this bus in the middle of the intersection and traffic going around in front of the bus and behind it. It took maybe another 5 minutes to get out of the intersection then the bus driver told us that there is an accident on the bridge over the freeway, so everyone got off the bus and walked to braid station. The rest of the transit ride was uneventful and relaxing.

I got off the skytrain at Metro Town and walked to the mall, in search of the starbucks by chapters where I was to meet my girlfriend. Being a the guy that I am I did not bother to check the directory and walked on into the rest of the mall looking around before I realized how big it was. My next decision was to look for a directory, which I found easily and found a route to the only chapters in the mall. Upon arriving at chapters my assumption that is was like the chapters in coquitlam with the starbucks inside of it was confirmed. I made my way to the starbucks and I was looking around for the time, because for some reason I don't have a watch since my last one broke and I don't own a cell phone yet. While looking for the time Dana found me and we went off into the mall, it was a great time we saw the fountain overflow and spill all over the floor. We just hung out and walked around at random and finally I decided to do my shopping for my dance pants, which I found at Lululemon. These shorts are amazing, really comfy and prefect for what I want but they cost an arm and a leg.

Well Thursday night I got back into PoCo with some time to spare and since it was on my way I swung by my studio to say hello and see if they had the recital dvd. I got my dvd and hung out for a couple of minutes before I went to get some dinner and go to soccer practice. Friday I had an average day at work and it went by nicely, then I got home and relaxed for abit before driving to dance. This week was just as good at the first, it was so much fun and I know I am getting better and after watching my dance from last year I need to get alot better.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Good Morning Well last Friday I was waiting for a phone call and when it did not come I waited Saturday, this phone call was to get my information so the team could sign me and I could play Sunday. So the phone call did not come on Friday but that doesn't mean I did not have a good night. Last Friday was my first dance class back and I showed up early for it because I could not wait to get back. My expectation was that it would be the same group of people as last year and maybe a few minor differences. When Shay came in she got everyone to come into studio one and I was glad because studio one is bigger and seems a little bit nicer than the other studios, and I could not help but notice that there was about double the number of people in this Jazz class as last year. It was pretty awesome having a bigger group, and I was feeling more confident as this is my second year now. Jazz was awesome and it's great to be back, we did alot of stretching and just some across the floor. After Jazz I got ready for Hip-Hop, In this class it seems the other guy did not stay in the class and there were now 24 people in it. Hip-Hop went well and we just did a combo and it was quite fun, It just feels good to be back dancing and nice to see some new faces in the classes that are closer to my age. Saturday I think I did nothing, I believe I kinda sat at home and slept and stuff like that all day. Sunday though I got up and got ready for soccer, I was running a little late and I had to grab some Subway for breakfast. I got to the game still in good time because coach wanted us there 2 hours before the game, when I arrived I had time to finish off my sub, grab my stuff, and walk over to join the group of guys from my team watching the game currently going on. We had a good warm up on the other field, then took our field to get ready for the game, but as I thought I still had not been registered so I could not play. I ended up doing the lines for the game and that gave me a good look at the game, so I was able to yell at my team to try and get them to do things right. At the end of the game we still had not gotten into it and it cost us a 6 - 0 loss because we just could not seem to do anything right. After the game I went home and that was about it for Sunday, so on Monday morning I got up early at 5:00 am to take the bus to work. I arrived at work in great time at 6:30 am so that I could get out at 2:30 pm and would have time to go shopping before soccer practice. Work for me ended nice and early and I was able to catch the bus and get to the mall around 3:00, and once I got there I decided to go visit my brother Jason at London Drugs because I thought he was working. Jason and I enjoyed a nice small chat but I had some shopping to get to, so I took off into the mall in the direction of Sport Check to go buy some under armour. Once I got to the store I walked on in and found the under armour section, for some reason service in the store seemed to be really bad today and it was hard to find someone to open a dressing room for me so I could try on the sizes. Eventually I ended up calling my friend who had under armour of his own, to help me pick out the right one, so I found the last medium for the heat gear turf shirt and bought it. I wore it to soccer practice that night and we geared up for a practice in the rain, we did some practice before we lined up for a scrimmage against the u21 team who practice on the other side of the field. The practice was great and challenging, but good to be playing soccer again. Tuesday I had a regular day at work and got a ride home because I helped some co-workers navigate through some quieter streets to avoid traffic and get to Carnostie golf course. Once I got home I found out some of my friends and my brother were going to these fencing lessons tonight and I decided I would go with them and try it out. The fencing place was very hard to find, and it was quite fun but for some reason I just did not feel like doing it every Tuesday. It seemed like fencing was not for me, I just think I would rather like to wield a broad sword that just screams I am a man, hear me chop things to pieces. This feeling was rather odd coming from the guy that takes Jazz dancing, yeah it struck me as odd too. Well that was that for Tuesday and now on Wednesday I had a regular day at the office and from there I went home. After dinner my brothers and I rushed out the door and off to Table23 improv at Gallaghers Cafe, when we arrived we found all the members were there and they put on one hell of a show. I wanted to buy a t-shirt because I finally had the money for it but they had no mediums left, but Jeff thinks he might have one at his house so I might be able to get one next week. Now we are on to Thursday, today... well so far I have woken up and had to get my soccer gear together because I am going to Metrotown mall after work to spend some time with Dana. After the mall I plan to head to my studio to see if the dvd from our year end show is in, and from there it is a few blocks to soccer practice. On a side note last night I totally forgot my under armour shirt in the washing machine so it never got hung up to dry, so right now I have it hanging behind me in the office so it can dry before tonight.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hello again, I actually was planning on posting yesterday but I got so busy with my work I was just not able to find the time to do so... Who am I kidding, me work?... Ok, I just got to lazy. Well yesterday was quite good though, after sending out a few emails to soccer clubs on the weekend I got some back saying they had full teams, so monday morning instead of doing work right away I sent out some more emails. After some quick emails I got to work and around 9:30 I got the first one back inviting me to a practice wendsday, and no more than an hour later I got a second email back inviting me to a training session for a better team monday night. Those two emails got me so happy that when my co-worker went to get some more coffee I got up and did a happy dance, it was fairly awful. During the rest of the work day I gave a good effort while breaking for some hot chocolate every now and then,and when 4:00 came around I packed up and headed for the bus. When I got home I settled in and turned on the playstation 2 to play a game or two of my dynasty on NHL 05, and yes I know it is an old game with NHL 07 comming out on the 14th but I still enjoy it. Shortly after one hockey game two of my friends showed up and we decided to play some heroes of might and magic V. The game was going well but it can take a while so eventually we packed it in and I had to go to the soccer training for 8:00, when I got there I found the team and I met most of the guys who were all very cool and I had a great time. They have invited me back for practice on thursday and probably the game on saturday which I am quite excited for because it is the teams rivals so I will get to show my stuff and I know we will kill them. As for today it is a tuesday morning and I slept in abit so I got to drive to work and now it's the start of a whole new day.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well so it seems it has been a while... let's just say I had a busy summer and leave it at that. Now that the summer has come to an end I landed a nice office job for a little while and it should allow me to post more often than before, which is not hard seing as I would just have to post again before christmas to do so. During the summer some interesting things that happened was when I got my "N" so I can drive now, and just hanging out with friends. On September 1st I asked out a beautiful girl, who I am now going out with. I am quite comfortable now with a job that keeps me busy working fulltime, but still I have some work to do as I am still trying to find a soccer club to play for. With the close of summer also had some of my friends leaving town for various reasons, my good friend Nate went away to Quebec for military training, and another good friend Christine went to Prince George to attend the Univercity of Northern British Columbia. With my work day comming to a close I must be off but I will post again soon.