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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wow, and it has been a while again. I suppose my readers are getting used to these long gaps, well anyways when Christine was back in town it was great to see her again. The rest of my weeks have been regular but all the physical activities have been taking a toll on me, my left calf feels like it is ready to give out and I walk with a limp because of it for now, my groin muscles are constantly bothering me and it feels like I might have strained it slightly. Aside from my life it seems most people are doing well and my good friend Nathaniel will be graduating from his first military course soon, and I think he will be receiving some awards. I wish I could be there to see it but I have work and many other things to deal with, and even if I didn't it costs so much to fly to eastern Canada. Halloween is drawing closer and I am getting quite excited for some of my plans, the most exciting being Kaitlyn's Halloween party. My costume has been kept secret from most and I am still working on it, but once it is done it will be fantastic. This Saturday I have another soccer game at home and I will likely be on for the majority of the game, we should beat this team and that will help our confidence level. That is all for now, I will try to post again soon.


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