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Friday, October 06, 2006

Well short and simple, today Christine is back in town from Prince George for Thanksgiving so we will get to hangout and it will be good to see her. This morning the Fox did the draw to see which one of us that made killer trades gets to meet The Killers, and it went to the Can Can girl but I am not to disapointed because I still get to go to the concert. Last night I talked to Dana and she felt that things were not the same as they were when I first asked her out, and I felt that we both seem to busy for our relationship. We ended up talking for abit and we will remain friends. Last night the Canucks also had their season opener and as I thought they would win, and the pre-season was not a preview of what would happen this season. I was starting to get worried with Luongo's average play and I was waiting until the regular season to see if I should start to panic, but sure enough he stepped up and earned his paycheck. Yesterday I also had soccer practice and it felt good, I feel like I am going to have an amazing game on Saturday and beat this team.


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