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Monday, January 15, 2007

I don't feel tired tonight maybe because of the late nights of the LAN party where I went to bed around 7 am both mornings. Now tonight some of my friends were going to drink over at Nates house but I can't make it because my brother went snowboarding and is not comming home before then so I missed out on a good night after a boring day where nothing happened. The LAN party was plenty of fun and dance has really been getting better. I want to work more and practice so I get better at both my dances, and I can't wait for each friday now. New years was fairly good, although I had to be the DD. Christmas went well and I got many good things, I believe everyone enjoyed the gifts I got for them and that makes me happy. Recently I have not been doing much and it is rather boring, also finaly soccer was starting back up again then we got a foot of snow or so and soccer has been canceled again for a little while.