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Friday, November 17, 2006

Recently I have been having some problems, and it has me confused. So here is the situation, a back in the first week of October it was Dana and my one month since we had started dating but she ended up telling me her feelings had changed. For the past two months I have been fine and moving on with my life, but in the past week I have been thinking more and more about her with each day. My mind is going crazy and I just can't stop thinking as to why it was broken off or what I did, some of my friends have reassured me that these things happen and it was probably not my fault. Some of my friends have been so nice and let me just talk with them about some of this and they have great points which I agree with, but it still is not working at all and I just feel that everyone is getting on this metaphorical train even if they get off at the next stop they have gone somewhere. I feel as if I am standing around waiting for this perfect train but it is not come and I don't know if it will come.


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