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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another summer past

Just a brief catch up with my life because it has been months at the least since I last posted. I now have been working at Silvercity Coquitlam with so many great people for just over 5 months now, I started last spring break and have learned almost every position there is to do. This summer has not been bad in the least, my brother and I have had two barbecues that have been plenty fun and a great success. Within the past month I have started spending more time with friends from work which I enjoy deeply. Next week my dance classes start up and I have four classes I have signed up for. Fall soccer is another thing that will be starting withing then next few days. This summer has also seen my usual lack of success in the dating scene probably due to a lack of tack on my part and maybe various other reason I can't understand. At this point I still am unsure of what exactly I will be doing with my life, I think perhaps I have been focusing to much on the fact I am still single. In the next few months or so I hope to have somethings figured out in my life so I might be able to advance it from this point where it seems to have stalled for the time being.