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Monday, October 30, 2006

So today I had to get up extra early so I could go out and use the ice scraper to scrape the frost from all the windows in this -5 degree weather which was the first time so far this year, well ever... considering I have only had my license since August I have never had to deal with this before.So I was all bundled up and it was still very cold, nothing like last night due to different circumstances but that is another story for another timeAnyways, with Halloween tommorow and it quite a ways below zero already... all the frost is making it look alot like christmas and that is making me want to sing christmas carolsWell I hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween tommorow if I don't post again before then.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ok, so here we have arived at a new day with some new news. Have you ever wondered maybe that is why they call it news, that is pretty cool, eh. Yesterday some big changes happened, my brother Paul got given a car so now I will be pretty much the only one using the Subaru. It's a manual transmission so I keep giving Paul a hard time about his crappy driving, just because it is fun. Now lets see what else was I doing yesterday... oh right, yesterday I had to get my picture taken with the rest of the kids in the family so my mother could have a new picture to show and in the process I realized I needed a new shirt so I bought a nice one. Friday was good for the most part, some friends and I went and saw The Departed which is a very good movie and highly reccomended by myself. After the movie we came back to my house and we spent the night watching some dvds and drinking, the only downside to the night is when I was chatting with this amazing girl I told her I could help her out with somethings, but I was unable to help and I came up looking like an ass and feeling awful about letting this girl down. Now the topper of that weekend would be Saturday, now the day was uneventful and relaxing but in the evening my soccer team had a game to play. The soccer game was very well played on our part and the opponents, and it happened that our opponents got the first goal. We then managed to hold them off until halftime and we had a few chances of our own. In the second half we battled back and put up two goals for our team to win the game, so in celebration we went back to our coaches pub. Everyone had a great time with the coach buying most of our drinks and when the night was done, I was well gone and caught a ride home from Chris B in his sweet mustang. Lastly today is the last day I will be 17, for on the 24th at 12:12 am I will officially be 18 years old.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wow, and it has been a while again. I suppose my readers are getting used to these long gaps, well anyways when Christine was back in town it was great to see her again. The rest of my weeks have been regular but all the physical activities have been taking a toll on me, my left calf feels like it is ready to give out and I walk with a limp because of it for now, my groin muscles are constantly bothering me and it feels like I might have strained it slightly. Aside from my life it seems most people are doing well and my good friend Nathaniel will be graduating from his first military course soon, and I think he will be receiving some awards. I wish I could be there to see it but I have work and many other things to deal with, and even if I didn't it costs so much to fly to eastern Canada. Halloween is drawing closer and I am getting quite excited for some of my plans, the most exciting being Kaitlyn's Halloween party. My costume has been kept secret from most and I am still working on it, but once it is done it will be fantastic. This Saturday I have another soccer game at home and I will likely be on for the majority of the game, we should beat this team and that will help our confidence level. That is all for now, I will try to post again soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well short and simple, today Christine is back in town from Prince George for Thanksgiving so we will get to hangout and it will be good to see her. This morning the Fox did the draw to see which one of us that made killer trades gets to meet The Killers, and it went to the Can Can girl but I am not to disapointed because I still get to go to the concert. Last night I talked to Dana and she felt that things were not the same as they were when I first asked her out, and I felt that we both seem to busy for our relationship. We ended up talking for abit and we will remain friends. Last night the Canucks also had their season opener and as I thought they would win, and the pre-season was not a preview of what would happen this season. I was starting to get worried with Luongo's average play and I was waiting until the regular season to see if I should start to panic, but sure enough he stepped up and earned his paycheck. Yesterday I also had soccer practice and it felt good, I feel like I am going to have an amazing game on Saturday and beat this team.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wow, so skipping over getting you up to date. This morning 99.3 FM The Fox stopped by my house and I swapped this crest for Killers Tickets and a chance to meet the band on their October 11th show. They will be drawing on friday one out of the five people to meet the band. It was so awesome to have Scotty and Mike come to my house and just sort of hangout, they will be putting the video on their website at sometime check it out. So if you listen to them on the radio I was on there arround 7:30 am I think and I was in shock, but I got tickets to the sold out Killers show.