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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well today was a sick day for me, and not a bad one at that. Yesterday I felt my throat being sore but I decided to go with my parents and meet some distant relatives of mine, they are like second cousins or something. When visiting I felt my voice disappearing but I kept talking as to avoid an awkward silence, and we seemed to be getting along well. This morning I awoke in good time to get ready for work but my voice was only a raspy whisper and my head was so stuffed up. I made my judgment call and went back to bed to get some more rest, and when I awoke later I had the house to myself. Quickly I grabbed Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and went on up to the couch only to find out that the movie would be waiting as it placed second to the Manchester United vs. Benefica game on the television. I snacked all day on some mandarin oranges to help my voice get better and is seems to be working but I am still talking as little as possible and letting it return. Later on in the day after plenty of resting and television I decided to take my temperature because I was feeling hot, and sure enough I have a mild fever. Tomorrow I will likely not be going to work again and will be resting so I can get better soon.