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Friday, November 24, 2006

So I have been working full time for a while now and I have been saving some money. Well yesterday I used that money to buy a car, not just any car though. I bought a cobalt blue 1965 Ford Mustang and it is so amazing. All together it cost me about $100 and that was including the batteries, yes batteries. What I purchased was a remote control car, one of those Xmods to be exact (Check them out here ). These remote control cars are quite cool because they allow you to purchase upgrades, like better motors, new suspension, tires, neon, body kits, or even head and tail lights. I will be having plenty of fun with this car and I hope Greg decides to get one aswell then we can race because we have already found the perfect location.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha when i first read that i was like you bought a car too!?
anyways, you didn't mess up the night- it was fun having you at the party. and thanks for visiting me at work yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your ice cream.

- pam <3

December 04, 2006 4:27 PM


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